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Olympus developed the world's first practical gastrocamera in 1950, and has subsequently worked together with doctors to develop a wide variety of examination and treatment methods using endoscopes. Our medical products contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients by providing both the value of early diagnosis mainly using gastrointestinal endoscopes and the value of minimally invasive treatment centered on surgical products.

  • We have 1.9 million new incidents of colon cancer.

    1.9 million
    New Incidents of Colon Cancer*

    *Source: GLOBOCAN 2020

			To fight against colon cancer, 39 million colonoscopy is performed and in many cases our Olympus products are used.

    50 million
    Colonoscopies Performed

    *Numbers for the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and India.
    As of 2019

  • We Olympus provide versatile medical devices, not only endoscopes but also endotherapy devices and surgical devices, helping healthcare professionals to treat approx. 100 diseases or conditions.

    Diseases or Conditions Treated

    At Olympus we have versatile medical devices
    with the ability to treat approximately
    100* diseases or conditions
    * As of March 2022

  • Also, we provide devices that healthcare professionals can treat 4 top highest incidence cancers.

    TOP 3
    Cancers Treated

    Olympus provides products/solutions for lung, colorectum and stomach - Three cancers from the top 5* highest incidence of cancers
    *Top 3 highest incidence of cancers excluding breast and prostate cancer, as of March 2022.
    Source: GLOBOCAN 2020

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