Official Social Media Accounts Terms of Use

Revised March 28, 2017

At the Olympus Corporation and Olympus Group companies (hereinafter referred to as “Olympus”), in order to achieve better communications with you through the official social media accounts operated by Olympus (hereinafter referred to as “the services”), we are mandating the terms of use. We request that you observe this agreement when using the services.

1. Scope of Application

This agreement applies to all of the users of the services (hereinafter referred to as the “users”). Moreover, the usage of the services means the submitting and posting (hereinafter referred to as “posting”) of characters, texts, images, and videos, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “information”) through the services, and the viewing of them regardless of whether or not the users possess their own social media accounts.

2. Observance and Consent Items for Using the Services

When using the services, the users shall observe and consent to the following items in addition to the terms of use for all of the social media and each official account.

  • (1) The users shall bear responsibility in regard to the results which are derived via the users’ usage of the services.
  • (2) The information which is posted by the users through the services is considered to be public information, and it can be viewed by Olympus and all of the other users.
  • (3) By using the services, the users can view the profiles, photos, lists of friends, etc. that are disclosed in the users’ own social media accounts within the scope which is permitted by Olympus’ terms of use for all of the social media.
  • (4) If the users inflict damages upon third parties by using the services, the users shall compensate the damages inflicted via their own liabilities and expenses, therefore they shall attempt to resolve disputes with the said third parties, and shall not cause any nuisances to be brought against Olympus at all.
  • (5) If the users inflict damages upon Olympus by using the services, Olympus can seek compensation for damages from the said users.
  • (6) Olympus can delete the information which is posted on the services by the users, and implement other necessary measures without notifying the users at all in advance, thus the users shall not raise objections to this.

3. Items Prohibited in Using the Services

Through the use of the services, the users shall not perform the following acts (including acts which pose those risks).

  • (1) Acts which violate laws and regulations, or ordinances.
  • (2) Acts which violate Olympus’ established terms, or the terms established for all of the social media.
  • (3) Acts which infringe upon the rights and interests of Olympus, the users, and third parties.
  • (4) Acts which slander, and denigrate Olympus, the users, and third parties, and defame (including the acts of disclosing information such as the email addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses of Olympus, the users, and third parties which lead to the identifying of individuals) honor, trust, and privacy, etc., or acts which interfere with business.
  • (5) Acts whereas third parties other than the users are impersonated.
  • (6) Acts whereas the participating in religious organizations, and other groups and organizations is solicited.
  • (7) Acts whereas investing, donating, the providing of funding, or the purchasing of goods or either services are solicited.
  • (8) Acts whereas other websites that Olympus deems to be inappropriate are introduced, or either the viewing of them thereof is solicited, or acts whereas the services are downloaded as files and used.
  • (9) Acts whose objectives are to endorse affiliates, and advertisements (including situations whereas one is directed to sites other than this site, and situations whereas the objectives are to endorse the affiliates, and advertisements of those sites).
  • (10) Acts whereas harmful programs or files, etc. such as viruses which interfere with the normal functioning of the software and hardware of information devices such as the servers, computers and smartphones, etc. that use the services are transmitted to Olympus, the users, and third parties, and acts whereas one is intentionally directed to the websites which contain them.
  • (11) Acts whereas information that does not have the legitimate authority to be posted is posted to the services.
  • (12) Acts which inhibit the provision and usage of the services by Olympus and other users.
  • (13) Acts which violate public policy, or other acts that Olympus deems to be inappropriate.

4. Disclaimers, Etc.

  • (1) The transmitting of Olympus’ official announcements and views shall be posted on the Olympus website ( and via news releases. The information which is transmitted by Olympus through the services does not necessarily express the official views of Olympus, therefore its accuracy, completeness, or utility is not guaranteed.
  • (2) The information which is transmitted through the services is what was transmitted at that point in time, consequently it may be altered thereafter.
  • (3) Olympus shall not be obliged to respond to inquiries, comments, etc. which are posted by the users through the services.
  • (4) Olympus shall not bear liability in regard to any damages caused to the users or third parties due to the usage of the services by the users.
  • (5) In the event that disputes (this includes things which pertain to the information which was transmitted by the users, but it is not limited to this) arise between the users or between the users and third parties pertaining to the services, and as the users shall resolve the said disputes via their own liability, Olympus shall not bear liability at all.
  • (6) Olympus may without prior notice alter the information which is transmitted through the services, and may suspend or cancel the operation of the services. Moreover, Olympus shall not bear liability in regard to any damages which are caused to the users, or the third parties due to those situations regardless of the reasons.

5.Intellectual Property Rights

  • (1) All of the intellectual property rights (copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, know-how, and ideas, etc.) which are contained in the information that is displayed or provided in the services belong to Olympus, or to the rights holders who possess the said rights.
  • (2) Without the permission of Olympus or the rights holders in the preceding article, the users shall not be able to use (this includes alterations and secondary usage) those rights beyond the scope which is allowed by laws and regulations in regard to any intellectual property rights which are contained in the information that is provided through the services.

6. Changes to these Terms

Olympus can alter the contents of this agreement without obtaining the consent of the users. In that case, Olympus shall post the terms after they have been altered on the website, and at the point in time that they are disclosed via other means, they shall rightfully be caused to come into effect.

7. Governing Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.
In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance in regard to all disputes which pertain to the usage of the services, unless otherwise specified.