Corporate Bonds and Ratings

Corporate Bonds

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Company Name Date of issue Date of redemption Interest rate
Total amount of issue
(Billion of yen)
The 23rd series of unsecured bonds Mar.7, 2019 Mar.7, 2024 0.27% 10.0
The 25th series of unsecured bonds Dec.5, 2019 Dec.5, 2024 0.20% 20.0
The 26th series of unsecured bonds Jul.20, 2020 Jul.18, 2025 0.25% 25.0
The 27th series of unsecured bonds Jul.20, 2020 Jul.19, 2030 0.47% 25.0
USD-denominated senior unsecured notes due 2026 Dec.8, 2021 Dec.8, 2026 2.143% 500MUSD


Rating company Types of bonds Rating
Rating and Investment Information, Inc.(R&I) Long-Term bond A+
Short-Term bond a-1
S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.(S&P) Long-Term bond BBB+
Short-Term bond -
Moody's Japan K.K. (Moody's) Long-Term bond Baa2
Short-Term bond -

As of Nov. 28, 2022

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